baked in a wood-fired oven
baked in a wood-fired oven
entirely handmade
with 100% natural ingredients.
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100% natural ingredients ... products of a healthy and generous land!
The highest quality is at the base of our entire supply chain: from the ingredients to the processing, up to the conservation of the product.
The dough is composed of: type "0" soft wheat flour, water, sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil, brewer's yeast, salt and rosemary, all carefully selected ingredients.
The dough, prepared with love and care, without the use of chemicals or preservatives, is left to rise naturally for at least 12 hours: this makes our crescia highly digestible and light.
Scrupulously worked by hand, one at a time, and laid out using only fingertip pressure, it is baked on refractory stone in a wood-fired oven, using oak and beech wood.
The protected atmosphere allows the elimination of oxygen from the packaging: in this way the crescia remains fresh and fragrant without the use of chemical additives.
Our crescia recalls the flavours and tastes of the past, of home-made things, typical of the traditions of Le Marche.
The name ‘crescia’ indicates various types of focaccia (flat yeast bread) common in the Marche region. We already have news of crescia from the end of the 4th century, when it was the bread used by the Byzantine army, stationed for centuries in Romagna, in the north of the Marche (Pentapoli), and in the Umbrian valley crossed by the Via Flaminia.
In more recent times the highly nutritious crescia has been a restorative food for farm workers after their labours in the fields. Halfway between pizza and piadina (similar to pitta bread), crescia is typical of the inland areas of the Ancona and Macerata provinces.
Round, with an uneven edge and a dimpled surface (which retains the oil better), it is seasoned with oil, salt, onion or rosemary. Some historical variations include the use of lard and pork cracklings ("grasselli" or "sgriscioli") in the dough, and the replacement of wheat flour with maize flour. Cooked in the oven or on the grill and then filled with cold cuts – ham but also "ciauscolo" (typical local salami) – and fried-up wild greens ("grugni"), its flavour will be even more special.
From the mountains to the sea… an endless spectacle.
A land of great painters, composers, poets and tenors, Le Marche has given birth to strong, determined, talented and intelligent men and women who have distinguished themselves over the centuries in diverse fields. Is it thanks to the pure air of the Marche hills or the Adriatic sea breeze? One thing is certain: we are proud that they were born in this land.
A generous land, where the breath is carefree and the sun warms the heart…
From the brushstrokes of Raphael, one of the most famous artists of the Italian Renaissance, to the sonnets of Laura Battiferri… from the soprano voice of Angelica Catalani to the tenor of Beniamino Gigli. Not to mention… the art of Nori De'Nobili, the poetry of Giacomo Leopardi, the operas of Gioacchino Rossini (himself a great gourmet), and the revolutionary teaching method of famous educator Maria Montessori, appreciated around the world. And finally… two legends of Italian sport: Valentina Vezzali, with her numerous medals in fencing, and Valentino Rossi, one of the top champions of world motorcycling.
We are proud to belong to this beautiful region with its famous characters, where every day the land and its traditions give us natural, healthy and high-quality products. We breathe clean air and we live in an environment that is still unspoiled; the water we drink and that we use for our crescia comes from the Sibillini mountains, and the whole valley all the way to the Adriatic Sea benefits from this valuable and healthy element.
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