La bolla, a young company with the expertise of the Marche region!

The origin of the name of our company, “la bolla”, comes from the similarity between the surname of the chef and company founder – Giorgio Bolletta – and the “bubbly” (bolle) structure of crescia, which gives it the softness and fragrance of freshly baked bread.

To taste our crescia is also to "taste"
our way of life:

simple and natural, where time seems to expand and every moment is enjoyed to the utmost!

A sentence by the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini expresses our whole philosophy of life:

"To eat and to love, to sing and to digest: these are in truth the four acts of this comic opera called life, which vanishes like the foam of a bottle of champagne. Whoever lets it escape without having enjoyed it is a fool.”

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