We are proud of this region, of its famous characters, where the land and its traditions give us natural, healthy and high-quality products every day.

From raw materials to processing procedures, we follow strict, certified protocols.

4  formats for every need:

  • Crescia peso 500 grams
  • Crescia peso 300 grams
  • Tasca, ready-cut crescia, ready to fill, 300 grams
  • Two Mini crescia, 120 grams each
Our crescia reaches the table through various channels, including GDO, Ho. Re. Ca., and Cash and Carry, and our market is constantly expanding.

How to prepare it:

after heating the crescia in a frying pan, oven or toaster, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and, cut into wedges. Eat with cold cuts, cheese and vegetables. Or cut it in half and add a filling of your choice ... it's great with wild greens, “ciauscolo” (a local spreading sausage), pecorino cheese or as dessert with hazelnut cream, fruit, etc ...

Buon appetito!

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